Cornacchia World Cup is the youth volleyball tournament with the highest amount of Nationals and top teams in Europe.
It takes place in Pordenone (Italy) from 1983 during Easter holidays and that makes it one of the oldest volleyball tournaments in the world.

“Perfectly organized, it gets bigger and better every year.”
Italy National U19 – Mario Barbiero (Coach)

“During my 40 years spent in volleyball, I guarantee I never participated to such a professional tournament.”
Liu Jo Volley – Giancarlo Quartieri (DS Youth Sector)

“The technical level, the hospitality and the great professionalism are absolutely unique”
Modena Volley – Giulio Salvioli (DS Youth Sector)



Russia National Team
Italy National Team
Germany National Team
Slovenia National Team
Croatia National Team
Austria National Team
Trentino Volley
Modena Volley
Blu Volley Verona
Padova Volley
Northern Lights USA
… and other 50 top teams from all over the world!


A beautiful medieval village near Venice, where from more then 30 years are hosted hundreds of volleyball teams even from the other side of the planet like Argentina, USA, China, Cile and Australia.


2017: Vero Volley Monza
2016: Russia National Team
2015: Trentino Volley
2014: Slovenia National Team
2013: Russia National Team
2012: Sisley Volley Treviso
2011: Israele National Team
2010: Belarus National Team
2009: Algeria National Team
2008: Italia National Team
2007: Tunisia National Team
2006: India National Team
2005: India National Team
2004: …


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