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Is it possible to prevent injuries with a correct nutrition?
Doctor Raniero Facchini will answer to this and many other questions about health and well nutrition Saturday 15 of April, at Pordenone Fiera that will be the main center of Cornacchia World Cup.

The meetings will be two, the first one to athlethes and students at 13:30, where the surgeon of the digestive system specialised in nutrition Raniero Facchini, will make pratical demonstrations and will engage actively the young attendants, to help them to understand better these topics fundamental for health.
The second one instead will be at 15:00 and will be for coaches and sport managers, where will be examined more technically the effects on human body of bad nutrition. This lecture is qualified by FIPAV FVG (Regional Commitee of Italian Volleyball Federation), valid as refresher course for volleyball coaches.

Both conferences are free and open to everybody, lectures will be in Italian but we invite for the debate also people that want to speak in English, there will be interpreters indeed.

We wait for you at Pavillion 9 of Pordenone Fiera, Saturday 15th of April from 13:30, where you can also see the other activities that take place during Cornacchia World Cup, such as the Walk of Fame, with memorabilia of the top players that took part to the tournament in Pordenone, games, contests and much more. See you in Fiera!

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