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Slovenia National Teams awarded at Cornacchia 2014

Maybe for someone of you, the silver medal of Slovenia at the male European Volleyball Championship could be a surprise.

But that’s not for us. Andrea Giani is doing a great job with the senior team, but nothing comes from nothing. In 2014 Slovenia has already surprised everyone at Memorial Cornacchia doing an historical double, taking home the trophy both from the male and the female field. In fact, many of those Memorial Cornacchia champions, now are already with the first team or are playing worldwide famous competitions. Jan Kozamernic for example, has beaten Italy not only at the semi-final of this last European Championship, but also at the 32° final of the Memorial Ferruccio Cornacchia.
In that edition, the best player trophy was given to Primož Vidmar that we are going to see this year playing the Champions League with Calcit Kamnit. About the females instead, the best setter was Eva Mori, now playing for Foppapedretti Bergamo and awarded with the same praise during the same year at the European Juniores Championship, where she played together with Nika Markovic, Memorial Cornacchia 2014 MVP and Maja Pahor, best libero still of the 32° Memorial Cornacchia edition.

Surprises, before, come to our courts.

Enjoy again with these special on-field clips, the emotions of Slovenia-Italy, the match that launched the Slovenian champions.


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